STEM Learning Program

In our pursuit to engage students with advanced learning programmes and to assist them in areas where they are unable to make progress, we have started the “STEM Afterschool Program”. This is an after school focused study programme for Science, English, and Mathematics courses. The first hour of will be dedicated to tutoring and homework and the second hour is for robotics.

What is STEM?

STEM courses are designed as applied, multi-subject approach to education which are offered by colleges and universities in Canada. These courses are designed to stimulate reasoning and problem-solving skills through research oriented and approach to the subject. Thus, students learn the most relevant concepts and technologies of the day and be prepared for any technical vocation they may wish to pursue.

The Extra Mile with STEM

To match the demands of STEM and engage students in the intensive programmes, the classes will be dynamic, focused and engage a tight group of students. The classrooms are equipped with the necessity tools and learning aids that will enable every student to get hands-on experience. The child will be deeply engaged in the curriculum that supports them and motivates them to use their imagination, test theories and delve into the idea to understand the nuances of the subject. STEM is a deep-learning experience that helps students go above and beyond the curriculum to gain greater exposure and stronger command of the subject.

After School Focus Groups

The benefit of after school programmes is that there are limited number of distractions and no rush or expectation of prepping for the next class for the teacher or students. With a small group and a focused curriculum, there is a greater one-to-one student-teacher engagement.

Students have shown marked improvement

Students engaged in STEM programmes are known to show marked improvement in their core class syllabus. Exploring the same subject with different approach, using different study materials, and discussing it in a focus group gives them perspective. It helps them understand regular curriculum better and improve their scores in school. After school study programmes have been observed to keep students better motivated to stay in school and improve their learning. STEM programmes are designed to simulate application of theories in real world, this helps the student correlate their classroom learning with real life scenario and improves their problem-solving abilities.

As they progress through the STEM programme, students gain real skills that relevant to their life and career.


The STEM curriculum at ICE is designed to help students cope with school curriculum while engaging at a greater length with the subject practically. It takes a more hands-on approach to the subject where students do and learn so that they can visualize the concepts better and understand its application in different fields. Students are taught the relevant concepts that will be better prepared for whatever course they may wish to take in the future – further education or pursue a career. Students will be involved in individual and group projects to enhance their critical thinking abilities and to teach them soft skill such as communication skills, teamwork and working in leadership roles. This will not only build the students subject-matter expertise, but it will also contribute to their overall personality development


Students will pursue advanced course syllabus that will be taught in a manner that will intrigue and challenge them. Students can choose what subject they want to pursue deeply. So, in mathematics they can pick advanced statistics programme where students can study Probability, Stochastic Processes, Regression, Statistical machine Learning among other things. In Science students can select among advanced courses in Biology such as Computer Modelling, Microbiology, Biotechnology, Molecular Biology, or they can purse Physics and Chemistry based courses. In English students will touch upon advanced grammar, creative writing, and Literature. Robotics is relevant in the present and for the future. Students will learn the principles of robotics and apply them to build their own solutions.

Engagement at every step of the way

Students will receive greater attention as they work individually and as a group in a non-traditional class set up where they will be listening and doing. In the time students will spend in the STEM class, they will complete all course related studies, homework and learn something new. Thus, once they are home they can concentrate on other subjects.

Key details

The STEM Afterschool Program will be held Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:00pm to 6:00pm. The fees if $400 per month and Pickup and drop-off facilities will be available on request.

November 9, 2021

Institute of Canadian Education (ICE), Toronto.

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