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All students are responsible for following all ICE policies and procedures. This includes fulfilling attendance requirements, completing assignments, and writing tests and exams on designated dates and times. For more details, please refer to ICE's school policy. All students' marks are determined solely by their performance on the assigned assessments.


A copy of the most recent TRANSCRIPT or report card must be submitted. Additionally, a deposit of $200.00/course must be paid at registration. NO CREDITS or EXAMS WILL BE ISSUED until proof of prerequisites is provided and all outstanding balances settled. No refunds are issued for withdrawal from courses, failed courses, poor attendance, expulsion, or poor grades. All students will receive 16 hours of one-on-one tutoring for each course they registered for. Personal information is collected at registration under the Education Act's authority and will use for planning, programming, home-to-school communications, and establishing the Ontario Student Record. If you have any questions or concerns, contact the Principal.


One Year Policy : Students should complete their courses within 1 year since your username & password is valid only for 1 year.


I have read and fully understood the ICE’s school policy, and I agree to follow all rules and procedures. I will be responsible for my performance in any of the assessments that count towards a final mark.

If student is under 18

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