Homeschooling Tips for Parents

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, homeschooling has become a new trend. The back-to-school plans have been changed due to the Omicron variant, and kids are forced to stay home longer. In such a scenario, many parents are homeschooling the kids. If you are also homeschooling the kids or are planning to do that, then here are a few homeschooling tips for parents that you might like.

  • Goals Matter

When homeschooling the kids, you should set educational goals to be completed in a given academic year. The goals can vary from writing essays to doing science experiments and mastering maths concepts to writing book reports. After setting the goals, you should focus on what subjects your kid will learn in an academic year. Then it would help if you looked for educational resources that will make learning possible for the kids.

  • Initiate a Reward System

Motivating kids to study when locked up in homes can be a challenge. To tackle that challenge, you can initiate a reward system. If your kid tries to learn (no matter whether they succeed or fail), you should reward them. The rewards you pick should be something they like, such as 2 hours of video game time or their favorite candy. Also, pile praise on them to do better next time.

  • Set Aside Learning Spaces

It is also crucial to set aside a learning space for your kid. If possible, set up a study room for them where there are no distractions like TV, video games, etc. The room should be well lit, have the right temperature and give them the quiet they need to focus. Avoid letting your other kids or family members in that room when your kid is studying and trying to focus. Check on them to see that they are not just sleeping or getting distracted in any other way.

  • Connect with the Experts

If you want help, you can make virtual learning possible for your kid. You need to find the right virtual platform that helps your kid learn without putting excessive pressure on them. You can seek the help of some real experts at ICE. Institute of Canadian Education or ICE Education Canada, a virtual high school for Canadians, is a name you can trust. We offer learning for grades 9 to 12 and provide online high school courses and in-class tutoring. Book a free consultation now to know why we are the right choice.

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