Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular Activities

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ICE offers Online and In-class High School Courses from Grade 9 to 12. We are also approved to grant the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD). Our courses start from.

Robotics Club

A club that allows students to design, build, and program robots for competitions or other projects.

Coding Club

A club that focuses on teaching students programming languages and software development skills.

Math Club

A club that allows students to engage in math-related activities, such as math competitions or problem-solving challenges.

Science Olympiad

A competition that involves a variety of science-related challenges, such as building structures, conducting experiments, and solving problems.

Chess Club

A place for students to learn the game of chess and compete with one another.

Spelling Bee Club

A club that allows students to put their spelling knowledge to the test and expand their vocabulary.

Environmental Club

A club that focuses on sustainability and environmental issues, such as recycling, conservation, and renewable energy.

STEM Outreach Program

A program that provides opportunities for students to engage with the local community and share their STEM knowledge and skills with others.

Debate Team

A team that allows students to develop critical thinking and communication skills through debate competitions.

Science Fiction Writing Club

A club that encourages students to explore science fiction themes and develop their creative writing skills.

Model United Nations

A program that simulates the workings of the United Nations, allowing students to engage in international relations and diplomacy.

Science Fair

A competition that allows students to showcase their scientific knowledge and skills through research projects and presentations.

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ICE gave me the courses I needed to boost my grades and make me eligible for higher education. Their selection of courses is amazing and you can complete them with ease.


Came back to complete my diploma after a drop in education. Their courses and instructors helped me fill the gap quite well. Would recommend them to any student looking at getting their diploma in quickly


I was skeptical about private High Schools, but ICE has been far better. As an accredited High School, by the Ministry, it has given me a sense of confidence. The staff and teachers are superb.


I was able to finish my courses at my own pace, which was really helpful. I wasn’t constantly stressed about deadlines. The teachers were always available to help whenever I needed and they explained all concepts very easily. Studying at ICE really helped me get the grades I needed for post-secondary without any pressure.


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