Elementary Faculty and Staff

Faculty and Staff





Science Teachers


Private school teachers in Canada

Nura Dukmak

Bachelors in Molecular Biology and Neuroscience

Science teachers are responsible for teaching core science subjects such as biology, chemistry, and physics, as well as specialized courses in environmental science, astronomy, or other related fields.

Technology Teachers


Roshan Ramdas

Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering Information Technology, 
Post Graduation Diploma: Mobile Application Design and Development.

Technology specialists are  responsible for teaching courses in computer science, web design, or other technology-related fields. They also provide technical support for the school’s technology infrastructure.

Engineering Teachers


Private school teachers in Canada


MSc in Computer Science

Engineering instructors are responsible for teaching courses in mechanical, electrical, or civil engineering. They also lead project-based learning initiatives or mentor student research projects.

Math Teachers


Private school teachers in Canada

Anurag Pradhan

B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering

Math teachers teach core math subjects such as algebra, geometry, and calculus, as well as specialized courses in statistics or data modelling.

Curriculum Coordinators

Curriculum coordinators work with teachers to develop and refine STEM-specific curriculum, ensuring alignment with state standards and best practices in STEM education.

Career Counselors

Career counsellors work with students to explore career options in STEM fields, provide guidance on job-search skills and resume writing, and facilitate internships or other career-related opportunities.

Support Staff

Support staff include administrative assistants, school nurses, guidance counsellors, and other professionals support the school’s overall mission and ensure the smooth operation of day-to-day activities

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