This course enables students to further develop the knowledge and skills they need to make healthy choices now and lead healthy, active lives in the future. Through participation in wide range of physical activities and exposure to a broader range of activity settings, students enhance their movement competence, personal fitness, and confidence.

Grade 11 Healthy Active Living Education (PPL3O) Outline

Course Overview

PPL3O focuses on promoting lifelong healthy living and physical fitness. It emphasizes the importance of regular physical activity, healthy lifestyle choices, and personal fitness goals.

Summary of Units and Timelines

Unit OrderUnit NameSuggested Time
Unit 1Personal Fitness and Healthy Living20 Hours
Unit 2Active Participation and Physical Activity20 Hours
Unit 3Nutrition and Healthy Eating20 Hours
Unit 4Mental Health and Well-Being20 Hours
Unit 5Safety and Injury Prevention20 Hours
Unit 6Healthy Relationships20 Hours
FinalFinal Project and Evaluation20 Hours

Total Hours: 120 Hours

Fundamental Concepts Covered

By the end of this course, students will:

  • Understand the components of personal fitness and healthy living.
  • Develop strategies for active participation in physical activities.
  • Learn about nutrition principles and healthy eating habits.
  • Explore mental health issues and strategies for well-being.
  • Gain knowledge of safety measures and injury prevention.
  • Learn about building and maintaining healthy relationships.

Teaching and Learning Strategies

The course will employ a variety of strategies including physical activities, class discussions, guest speakers, research projects, presentations, and practical demonstrations to engage students in learning about healthy living.

Assessment & Evaluation

Assessment and evaluation will include ongoing assessments (70%) and a final evaluation (30%), including participation, fitness assessments, assignments, quizzes, projects, and a final project.

Accommodations for Students with Individual Education Plans (IEPs)

Accommodations will be provided to ensure that students with IEPs can fully participate and demonstrate their learning in the course.


The course will utilize various resources including textbooks, online resources, fitness equipment, nutrition guides, and community resources to support students’ learning about healthy active living.

Reference: Healthy Active Living Education, The Ontario Curriculum, Grades 9-12, Ministry of Education of Ontario



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