Our vision

Elevate education

From the beginning, the Institute of Canadian Education set out to change the way education is delivered to and absorbed by students in Canada.

Recognizing that traditional education could no longer keep up with the diverse demands and needs of  modern youth, ICE set out to carve niches and pathways that cater to all students, not just those on the beaten path.

Whatever your educational path may be, ICE has a solution for you.

A message from our Founder

As the founder of ICE Education, I am proud to work with a team who is committed to provide a positive learning experience to all of our students. Our primary goal is to support all students, whether they are high school students, mature students or international students, and help them achieve their long term goals.

Here at ICE, we believe that every student can be successful if they are given the appropriate resources to help them reach their academic potential. Our focus is to give each student a unique experience that will help them develop the skills they need for their future goals. 

Over the years, we have developed and grown in our ability to provide each student with a personalized experience to prepare them for success, and we hope to continue this as we grow. On behalf of our staff and students, thank you for exploring our website to learn more about us and what we aim

Dr. Amjad Ali Khan

Founder, Institute of Canadian Education

Whatever your background, We've got a Solution

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