About ICE

Welcome to Institute of Canadian Education (ICE)

ICE highschool is an independent Private High School that helps students achieve their High School Diploma. Our School is inspected by the Ontario Ministry of Education and we grant credits to secondary students in Grades 9-12, who are working to complete their Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD). The variety of courses we offer for Grades 9 to 12 are internationally recognized and gives students around the world more opportunities for their higher studies. ICE emphasizes on creative thinking that enables students to apply their knowledge and information in a variety of situations.

Our teachers are qualified, competent and caring professionals who are dedicated to and fully support our students. As teenagers transition into their adulthood, secondary education conveniently sits in between the playful childhood and the fast-paced adult life. Therefore, it is essential to equip students around this age with the skills and abilities they need in order to take on more challenging tasks in life. ICE is committed to promote and encourage the completion of secondary education for every student. It is at our heart that we want every student to succeed not only at ICE, but also in their future career. Our teachers and counsellors can also provide valuable assistance in matters related to your course selections and career planning. As such, students are always encouraged to seek advice and assistance from our teaching and administrative professionals.

The ICE highschool offers much more than just a classroom and a teacher. We aim to motivate students to continue learning and developing their skills in order to prepare them for future studies and their careers. We are agents of socialization; providers of knowledge, moral values, and self-confidence; and vehicles to success. We recognize that quality education consists of many elements, including the following: academic development, character development, and values education, activities to foster a sense of responsibility toward community, the formation of friendships including those across cultures, and a code of conduct which instills self-respect, self-discipline, and honesty. 

Institute of Canadian Education (ICE), Toronto.

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