5 Ways to Balance Sports and Academics

If you are an athlete or training to take up a sport professionally, then the first quality you must imbibe is discipline. Discipline towards following the exercise and practice routine, discipline towards one’s diet, and discipline towards one’s lifestyle are the pillars on which a successful sporting career stand. While a sport is a good profession, basic education lays the foundation for well-rounded development. Sportspersons are public personalities and must be articulate and knowledgeable for interacting with fans, the media, and other famous personalities they interact with. Also, basic education will teach you important skills for managing aspects of your personal life such as finances, your home, etc.

Here are 5 ways to balance sports and academics –

1. Utilize all available resources

The Internet has made learning resources easily accessible. So, whether one is travelling, they are working on a different schedule, or you must take a break from academics to concentrate on a tournament, you needn’t worry about your academics as there are tons of resources available that will help you cope with your academics such as eBooks, journals, question papers, and also online tutors.

2. Stick to a Schedule

Sportspersons have a strict regimen to which they must adhere. So, making and maintaining a schedule will not be an insurmountable challenge. Make a schedule that is easy to follow and ensures that you dedicate at least an hour daily to your academics. If not an hour, make it half an hour, but this period must be exclusively for studies with no digressions or distractions

3. Use the breaks to catch up with studies

When you are travelling for training or tournaments, or at any point when you are especially busy and are unable to follow your regular schedule, just try to make time for your academics. It may be distractive, especially when one is travelling with their team, but it is important to set one’s priorities and eke out time in which you will glance through your books.

4. Stay focused and motivated

As much as it may be difficult to divest one’s time and focus from sports since it requires single-minded effort if you stay focused and motivated you can pursue your education. Take up fewer subjects or enrol in a school that provides tutors who will support your schedule. It is important that you are committed to pursuing your academic education and work towards it by spending some time on it.

5. Don’t ditch breaks

As important as it is to adhere to one’s schedule and ensure that one fulfils their academic and athletic goals for the day, it is equally important to make time in one’s schedule to unwind and relax. All work and no play make Johnny a dull boy. So, take out at least an hour when you pursue a hobby or do simply nothing if that relaxes you.

Balancing academics and a sports career can be challenging, but if you give it a little time and dedicate some effort, it can be achieved.

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