5 reasons why online high school courses deliver more value today

2020 has been the year of extreme change. The pandemic tossed everything upside down so people scrambled to adjust themselves to the new normal. Schools were cancelled, businesses closed, and flights grounded. Suddenly, everyone began working from home. Teachers and students alike had to learn how to interact online in a way to successfully achieve learning. Despite the transition being under incredible amounts of stress, it surprised many to see just how effective it was, especially for students looking to take high school courses online.

Taking online high school courses has always been an invaluable option for anyone needing to improve their grades, supplement their academic history, or graduate early. It is even advantageous to adults who haven’t completed their high school education and want to return to school. If you’ve ever wondered whether you should take an online class or not, here are the top 5 benefits of online learning!

1 – Personalized Learning

Online learning offers the best opportunity to receive a customized curriculum. It is easier for teachers and administrators to adjust the curriculum online to fit each student’s individual needs than it is in-person. Having 30+ students in one room is too many for a single teacher to provide unique learning. Online learning supports one-on-one time so that you have the teachers’ sole attention. If you are enrolled in a class because you previously failed it, you now have the chance to relearn the material in an environment that is more conducive to learning. 

Attending online high school provides students with a more focused and deliberate education that is tailored to the way each student learns. Whether you are an auditory, visual, or verbal learner, teachers can easily provide supplemental materials to fit each need. No longer will you have to struggle to sit through standardized lessons that are either too fast or too slow. You can choose your own pace, which is one of the most beneficial aspect to individual online learners.  

If there are gaps in your education or you need to improve your grades for graduation, taking online classes is the best option for you. You can boost your GPA, partake in college classes, and even earn enough credits to graduate early. You have the power to decide what kind of school curriculum you want.

2 – Flexible Timing

You make the rules of your online education. If you find that you are the most productive at 10 p.m., then that’s when you attend class! Having an 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. bell schedule is not beneficial to every student. Go to class and do your assignments whenever you want. This aspect is especially important for those who have other responsibilities like family or work. You’re able to work on your class whenever you find the time.

With this flexibility comes the means to pursue other interests and passions. Your time is incredibly important. If you were in a brick and mortar classroom, you would have to remain there until class had ended, regardless of whether you already finished the assignment or lecture. When learning remotely, if you finish ahead of schedule, all of that free time is yours to do with what you like. Many students use this opportunity to take up an instrument, join a club, or work on an internship.

3 – Comfortable Environment

Your ability to learn is dependent on how relaxed you are in an environment. For some people, being in a physical classroom is a stressor. They might fear being randomly called on and having to speak in front of their peers. If you are feeling too anxious, you won’t be able to successfully partake in class and learn. Attending high school online eliminates that anxiety. You can work from the comfort of your own house, in your pajamas, without having to speak to anyone unless you want to. You no longer have to wake up at 6 a.m. and skip breakfast to make it to school on time.

Online classes allow you to work from anywhere. You don’t have to be at home to attend school. You could be in a café, at a friend’s house, or even traveling. Remote learning is done on your own time, so it doesn’t matter if you’re halfway around the world as long as you submit that essay in time.

4 – Prioritizes Healthy Social Interactions

Online high school focuses on providing positive and healthy social interactions while preventing detrimental ones. Even though you’re participating in remote learning, there are still opportunities to get involved with the social aspects of high school. You can join clubs, sports, and even attend talent shows or field trips. High school is a great time for socializing with your peers, and online learning does not detract from that.

It does, however, remove you from situations of unhealthy social interactions. If you limit the amount of time spent at school in-person, then you can reduce the threat of drama. Gossip quickly spreads throughout school and can do some serious damage to the involved parties. Online classes, on the other hand, reduce its reach by limiting the scope of its audience. Bullying is less likely to happen when there are no in-person interactions.

5 – Develop Crucial Skills

The greatest benefit of attending an online high school is that it allows you to grow and improve personal skills such as time management and self-motivation. Taking online classes teaches you how to be independent and properly manage your time in order to complete your tasks. You learn to stay focused and motivate yourself to do the required work. It takes discipline, but once you begin prioritizing your classwork, you’ll find that you become more productive and waste less time getting it done, thus becoming a more effective student. It teaches you important soft skills about responsibility.

Online learning teaches you all the crucial skills you need to become a successful college student and adult. It is an easier transition to college from online school than a brick-and-mortar school. College is nothing like high school—you alone decide your future. If you want to skip every class and miss assignments, there’s nothing and no one stopping you. You have to be focused and disciplined to stick to your schedule and complete tasks on time. Online high school provides the foundation of those necessary skills. You’ll already have an advantage when entering college because you’ve already learned how to self-motivate. 

Online school is a great idea for teenagers and adults alike. It offers you the flexibility to learn on your own terms and at your own pace, while still receiving a quality education. You’ll pick up important soft skills like organization and initiative. You’ll also learn to take accountability of your learning, all of which will benefit you immensely in the future. Take a class to boost your GPA or gain graduation credits. You could even switch entirely to an online high school. With the rise in technology and number of Covid-19 cases, we might see online high school becoming a more permanent decision.

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September 14, 2023

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